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motivational thoughts in english

Motivational Thoughts In English – You will find good stuff here to read.

Definition of Motivation:

Motivation (from the Latin Motus, “movement”) is the motivation that determines a person’s actions.

The actual motivation arises from a motive that forms the basis.

There are several types of motives (e.g. competitive spirit, interest in the thing, thirst for knowledge, striving for perfection …) that you can use for your own motivation to achieve your goal.

For example, curiosity and interest, reward, and peer pressure are essential motives in the learning environment. Curiosity and interest come from you, so the motivation is not generated from outside. In the case of reward and peer pressure, the motivation comes from outside, i.e. from others. Of course, your own motivation is much stronger than that from outside …

Motivation therefore arises from the interaction between person and situation.

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But what happens when the motivation engine stutters or dies completely? Everyone knows how fast it can be.

A small example: Today you were still highly motivated to lose a few pounds. But if there is no, at least minimal, success, the motivation is quickly gone and you fall back into your old eating habits.

Don’t let it get that far, motivate yourself every day anew. Maybe our quotes will help you.

And try to use as many different motives as possible to reinforce your motivation!

Motivational Thoughts In English :

… you would like to toss everything, withdraw to a quiet corner and do nothing. On some days we simply lack the energy, enthusiasm, and motivation to achieve top performance and to approach our goals with self-confidence. But right now you have to act! In such a case, it is good if we can use a personal mood lifter, as the 10 motivational tips for more success and motivation in life on this blog.

Let yourself be inspired by unique motivational tips every day, or use the positive thoughts in them to get yourself up when you feel down.

To motivate yourself, you need to focus on the right thoughts and have a positive mindset. Repeatedly reading the motivational tips on this website will help you to anchor the principles of permanent motivation in your subconscious. So use them to cheer yourself up regularly with stimulating thoughts and to lift your spirits.

10 Motivational Tips By Motivational Thoughts In English:

1. Live your dream!

What happened to the dreams of your youth? Do you still have dreams today? “Yes, of course!” You say, but the real question is, why aren’t you following your dreams? If you are honest with yourself then there is no reasonable reason not to pursue your dreams. Start your path to happiness and individual fulfillment today. You can overcome any obstacle that stands in your way, you just have to start.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“Whatever you can do or dream you can start it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magical power.

Start it now. “

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
2. Get an early bird!

When you look at the daily routines of successful people, you will almost always find that they get up early. And again for all students: “No, 10 am is not early!” By early I mean six or five in the morning. This will make you much more productive and you will be surprised how much work you do before other people even get up.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“Going to bed early and getting up early makes people healthy, rich, and smart.”

by Benjamin Franklin
3. Take responsibility

The first step towards change and growth is realizing that you are responsible for your life. This may be tough for some, but as an adult, you are solely responsible for your actions and the results you get. Nobody can take responsibility for you. The path to the goal begins on the day on which you take full responsibility for what you do.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“You are responsible not only for what you do,

but also for what you don’t do.”

by Laotse
4. Everything was once an idea

All things that exist in our world and were created by humans were once an idea. They only existed in a person’s mind. Columbus only had an idea. Martin Luther only had one idea. The world is made up of ideas that have been realized by people. It is the same today with your ideas and dreams. At the moment they may only exist in your imagination, but whether they stay there is up to you.

Motivational Thoughts In English

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea at the right time.”

by Victor Hugo
5. Realize the power of thoughts

You have the most powerful force in the entire universe between your ears. There your thoughts arise, which open all gates of the world for you. A person is literally what he thinks, his character is the sum of all his previous thoughts. Your life is not shaped by circumstances, but by your thoughts – they decide what will become of you.

Motivational Thoughts In English

“Our life is what our thinking makes it.”

by Marcus Aurelius
6. The law of attraction

People don’t attract what they want, but what they are. If you are a negative person then you will mostly attract negative people and events. It is the same with the opposite. Like attracts like in the world of thoughts and what we sow we will reap. One who is filled with love attracts the love of others from all sides.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“Expect from others what you have done to them yourself.”

by Publius Syrus
7. Self-knowledge

Already in ancient Greece it was written above the entrance of the oracle of Delphi: KNOW YOURSELF. In order to be able to motivate us and understand what is holding us back, we have to recognize ourselves. One can find this knowledge about oneself only within oneself, never outside. In order to understand oneself better, one should question and consider one’s own actions, feelings and thoughts often.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“Self-knowledge gives a person most of the good, but self-deception the evilest.”

by Socrates
8. Visualize your goals!

If you want to achieve something, you first have to imagine it in your head, in your imagination. To create a firm belief in a goal, you must fantasize about your desire every day. Allow yourself to dream like a child and paint your future in the greatest colors and as realistically as possible. Visualize yourself and your dreams will soon become a reality.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“The imagination is an eternal spring.”

by Friedrich von Schiller
9. Don’t be discouraged!

Don’t pay too much attention to other people’s opinions when telling them something is impossible or when people laugh at you. First, the others don’t know what you know, and second, it is only at the end that you can see who is right. It is easy to say that there is nothing better than trying. Believe unshakably in yourself and in your vision and nothing can stop you.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“The world belongs to those

who set out to conquer it,

armed with security and good humor.”

by Charles Dickens
10. Never give up!

The most important quality to be successful is persistence. If you never give up, you must eventually succeed. This relentless perseverance is what distinguishes a winner from a loser. Never give in to defeat and you will do great things. After each failure, get up and learn from it, but never lie down.

Motivational Thoughts In English
Motivational Thoughts In English

“Our greatest weakness is giving up.

The surest way to succeed is always

to try again. “

by Thomas Alva Edison

Motivational music :

This is a list of motivational songs that you can either use to motivate yourself or to celebrate success. Another possibility is to use the music while visualizing. You could imagine what it will be like when you have reached your goal while listening to the music or making your own motivational videos (mind movies) from it. Of course, this is only a small list, so if you have anything to add, please post a comment at the end of the list of these motivational songs.

Most of the pieces can be found on and you can listen to them there first. Motivational music helps some people regain courage when things are not going well, or simply motivates them to go jogging when they hear it. Depending on which music style, which volume, and which tempo you prefer, you will find something – there is something for everyone.

Hip hop

Puff Daddy – Come With Me
Puff Daddy feat. Notorious BIG & Busta Rhymes – Victory
Nas feat. Puff Daddy – Hate Me Now
Eminem – Till I Collapse
Eminem – Lose Yourself


Carl Orff – Carmina Burana – O Fortuna
Antonin Dvorak – New World Symphony
Beethoven – Symphony No. 9
Ravel – Bolero
Smetana – Moldau
Handel – Sarabande

Other styles of music & film music

Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity (Kill Bill Soundtrack)
The Centurians – Bullwinkle Part (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack)
Vanessa Mae – The Blessed Spirits
The Revels – Comanche (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack)
The Tornadoes – Bustin ‘Surfboards (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack)
Dick Dale & His Del tones – Misirlou (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack)

Gheorghe Zamfir – The Lonely Shepherd
Europe – The Final Countdown
Rhapsody – Dawn Of Victory
Vangelis – Chariots of Fire
Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive
Bill Conti – Redemption (Rocky Soundtrack)
Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (Rocky Soundtrack)
Bill Conti – Going The Distance (Rocky Soundtrack)
Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Soundtrack)
Survivor – Burning Heart (Rocky Soundtrack)
Vanessa Mae – The Devil’s Trill
Joe Esposito – You’re the Best Around (Karate Kid Soundtrack)
Hans Zimmer – Red Warrior (Last Samurai Soundtrack)
Hans Zimmer – Idyll’s End (Last Samurai Soundtrack)
Fatboy Slim – Right Here Right Now
Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank
Hans Zimmer – Taken (Last Samurai Soundtrack)
Crossing The Lowlands (God Of War Soundtrack)
Phoenix Rising (God Of War Soundtrack)
Glory Of Sparta (God Of War Soundtrack)
Basil Poledouris – Anvil of Crom (Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack)
Clint Mansell – Lux Aeterna (Requiem For A Dream)
Hans Zimmer – King of Pride Rock (Lion King Soundtrack)
Vangelis – Conquest Of Paradise
John Williams – Star Wars Theme (Star Wars Soundtrack)
Mike Post – A-Team Theme
Mike Post – Magnum Theme
Hans Zimmer – Deliver Us (Prince Of Egypt Soundtrack)

Hopefully that’s enough for now. Further suggestions are welcome:-)

If you think that your motivational song is missing from this list, please leave a comment – your suggestion will then be added to the list of motivational music – we are still looking for quieter tracks in particular.

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