Motivational Story In English -Renuka Aradhya

Motivational Story In English

The motivational story in English – Renuka Aradhya. This article is about the real-life motivational story of RENUKA ARADHYA.

Motivational Story In English:

Who knew that a beggar boy who used to go to the door and beg would one day become the owner of 50 corers and thousands of people would work under him. The story of the beggar to self-developed company.

We are talking about 50-year-old Renuka Aradhya. Which belongs to Gopasandra village near Bangalore.

His father was a temple priest by the state government, yes but he did not get any financial help from the government for that. To feed his family, his father would go from village to village begging for rice, flour, and wheat.

Then they would sell the rations they got as begging in the nearby market and run their house with whatever money they could get from it.

It is true that even before Renuka completed his education, he had to sweep people’s houses.
He started working as a servant in people’s homes.

His father then gave him a lotus for his service at the home of a senior man, where he would bathe the man and serve him, applying ointment to his pain.

Renuka’s father died, then the responsibility of the whole house fell on the small shoulders.

He failed in the tenth grade due to a lack of time for his own education. So he had to give up his education.

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Hoping to earn money, he started working hard, working as a laborer in many places.
During this time, he fell into bad company, and he became addicted to gambling and alcohol every day.

After recovering from this, he got married at the age of 20. Due to lack of money at home, his wife also started working as a helper in the company.

On the road to such a tough life, he did many small jobs, sometimes in a plastic company, sometimes as a gardener for only Rs 15 per tree, sometimes as a security guard in Samsung The Trading Company for only Rs 600.

Renuka In Driver Uniform

But their dreams of a brighter future never left them. Always think of starting your own business.

Words From Renuka Aradhya:

“I believe in the power of the mind. What we think, we become. How many times will you say ‘I do not have any experience so how will I do this?’ Initially, there will be more criticism and less goodwill. But slowly the criticism will fade away.”

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Little by little, he started collecting money, and then he collected 30,000 rupees. In it, he started a business selling covers for bags and suitcases.

His wife used to sew and go to the market and sell the covers. But his work did not last long and all the money sank.

It is said that failure is a step towards success. In fact, it brings us closer to success.

He decided to quit his job and become a driver. But they didn’t even have money for a driving license. He then mortgaged his wife’s Mangalsutra, got a license, and started working.

Within a few days, he had an accident and was fired. After that, he worked as a dead body transporter for 4 years. But to make ends meet, they decided to work elsewhere.

Renuka with International Turist

They started earning good money, they started saving this money. He collected the money and some money from his wife’s job and bought an old Indica car in 2001.

From that earnings, he bought another car in a year and a half. And by 2006 he had 5 such vehicles.

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He also started a company called City Safari. But still, he had a dream to do something big. Good luck but only support those who have some courage.

He understood from somewhere that the Indian City Taxi Company is sold. He bought the company for Rs 6.5 lakh, for which he had to sell many of his cars. His decision was the biggest risk of his life.

That is why it is at the peak of its success today. He then renamed his company Pravasi Cab Private Limited which is known to many people.

By 2018, they have delivered the company’s cabs to cities like Hyderabad and Chennai

Currently, more than 13oo cabs are operating in major cities. Companies like Ola and Uber are in the market but their business has not changed much, as they have more regular customers.

I feel this story will be the one of motivation so we select in Motivational Story In English.

Lesson From This Motivational Story:

Success in life is not achieved by running away from fear, depending on anyone. It requires hard work and the pursuit of your goal.

The moment you feel like you are failing, think about these steps that lead you to your success.
No successful person in the world succeeds in one day, for which he has spent the right amount of time.

Our only effort is to do something for you to help you reach your success.

Need Of Motivation:

Why do we need motivation? When we are overwhelmed by failure, we need a ray of hope.
We are trying to be the same.

Which is satisfied with their convenience. Friends, if we decide, we can get everything we want in life.

It requires hard work and you don’t want to lose in the face of failure, you have to fight with courage.

We need to experience that time as much as we need to eat to survive. These are the experiences that lead us to accuracy.

So we don’t want to be afraid of failure, we want to learn from it and make ourselves advanced.
The more you struggle, the less you will see success, your thoughts will bring you closer to your success.

If you do not look at your struggle positively, you will not get a positive result.

So that, see how far you have come to yourself, how close you have come to success. Work on yourself, and keep a positive attitude.

If RENUKA can do it, you can definitely make your dream come true.

12 Habits Of Successful Peoples :

Here are 12 habits that every successful person should consider. I will not be forcing you to follow those habits. But I definitely want to tell you at least to read one time.

1] Always keep the plate standing behind the shoulders and chest forward.

2] Take care of yourself as much as you take care of your own baby.

3] Make friends with those who think well of you.

4] Think about the work done today and keep guessing how much better work you did than yesterday.

5] It is your responsibility to give a good education to your children or someone else.

6] Try to improve yourself Don’t waste time thinking about changing the world.

7] Live a Meaningful Life Don’t just live for yourself.

8] Always tell the truth, at least avoid lying.

9] When you have a bolt with someone, always remember that the person in front knows more information than you.

10] Try to use few words to explain something.

11] Empower the people in your life who are loving and important to you rather than caring for them.

12] Celebrate every little joy.

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